Building on three floors with garage and technical area in the basement. The garage can be reached via a culvert to the neighbouring property. The other floors contain library areas, café, office, technical areas and an assembly hall with a moveable platform.
The building has a pile foundation. Garage floor and basement walls of cast-in-situ concrete. The upward frame of the building consists of steel pillars and steel girders and steel pillars with joists of hollow core floors. The roof is of prefabricated T-shaped floor structure. The outer roof is a so-called green roof.
The round front surface towards the inner courtyard is covered entirely in glass, while the other frontage is made of prefabricated concrete, or alternatively, curtain walls with paneling.

The geometry of the building is relatively complex. Area: about 5,000 m² BTA

Our assignment: We were assigned to handle projecting of system and contract documents. The prefab frame was projected as a contract document for design and building under general construction.