BTB was assigned by Locum AB to produce preliminary design and design development documents with an option on the construction documents in connection with the development of Södersjukhuset. This is included in the first step of a ten-year investment plan for the development of healthcare in Stockholm County. The investment plan comprises large-scale undertakings to meet the increased need for healthcare resulting from Stockholm’s rapid growth which is expected to continue in this direction in the coming years.

Above all, these undertakings concern the major acute care hospitals in Stockholm County, of which Södersjukhuset is one. The proposed strategic investments for Södersjukhuset include among other things:

  • New treatment buildings comprising activities for acute cases, operation, pathologist centre, endoscopic centre and a sterilisation centre.
  • New building for wards.
  • Reconstruction of existing wards to meet today’s needs and requirements.

Freeing up space for a new treatment building necessitates the demolition of parts of the existing hospital which no longer meet the current healthcare needs. BTB produces the demolition documentation for this as well as design development and construction documents for the evacuation premises that need to be in place so that demolition work can be started without interrupting the hospital’s activities.

The goal for Södersjukhuset is that it will have increased its capacity by 2018 to include 51 new wards and 5,000 new care opportunities, 175,000 acute visits and 26 new operating theatres.