The project was built between 2014-2016 and consists of an office building and a parking garage with premises for light industrial operation in the ground floor.

Together, the house includes Johnson Johnson’s headquarters and the parking lot 24,000 square feet. This is the first to be seen in the new Ulriksdal district. It is located right next to the commuter train and forms a noise barrier for the residential district.


The parking house frame from level 2 upwards has bearing facade elements with the same white cement as the office building, but the concrete molded against the rubber mold with irregular sinus correction. It gives a nice ribbed surface that plays with the daylight. As the parking house is in front of the residential district, the scale in the open parts has been broken down with elements of wooden ribs. These also hide the pillars to remove the impression of pillar tires and instead highlight the façade.  The portrayal can be described as a raw body superimposed by refined elements.Volume, stiffness and facade structure form a harmonious whole.