Bilan 22, Segeltorpsterrassen

Main contractor: Q-gruppen
Project management and building contractor: Småa
Date: 14 Sep, 2010
New construction of 35 flats in a four to five planes with spacious terraces. The frame comprises prefabricated concrete walls and floor slabs. The roof is constructed of prefabricated light ceiling cassettes. The flats are high standard and Småa has chosen to make high demands concerning the accomplishment of the technical details of construction with particular focus on moisture safety.
Our assignment: The principal constructor for the frame where Q-gruppen, the Q-group, is main contractor and BM-Impex the framework provider. We also played a coordinator role and a CAD- coordinating role regarding the prefab constructorsa. Framework projection took place in3D using the BIM software Bentley Structural Models.
Architect: BSKArchitects

Kv. Segmentet, Kungens kurva
Building contractor: Bonnier Cityfastigheter
Project and production management: Ebab i Stockholm AB
Architect: Tengbom
Date: 13 Jan, 2010
Reconstruction of around 35,000 m² production and office premises.

Kungliga Slottet, The Royal Palace
Client: Statens Fastighetsverk,( the National Property Board of Sweden)
Date: 25 Nov, 2009
Diverse reconstruction.

Sickla skola
Client: Nacka Municipality
Architect: Aperto arkitekterbyggkonsulter AB
Our assignment: To draw up program documentation and specifications for turnkey projects.
Date: 30 Sep, 2009
Extension of stairwell with lift shaft in houses A and B.

Client: Nacka Municipality
Architect: Carlstedt Architects AB
Date: 10 Feb, 2009
New construction of a sports hall.

Main contractor: Q-gruppen
Architect: Drangner & Co
Date: 17 Dec, 2008
New construction of school/pre-school in Sundbyberg.

Stockholms moské, (Stockholm Mosque), Medborgarplatsen
Client: JM Architect: Detab arkitekter
Category: Public buildings

Laroy, Spybar, Sturekompaniet and Pluto
Several reconstructions with special adaptation to restaurant/bar environment.
Category: Hotels and restaurants

Client: Private individual Architect: UN-arkitekter
Category: Villas

New construction of 2 luxury villas with guest house and garage situated by Lake Mälaren and one of Sweden’s best golf courses.
Category: Villas

Client: Vattenfall Power Consultant
Category: Industries

Elementbyggda villor åt Fredells
We have a cooperation arrangement with Fredells, a builders and DIY supplier, in which we draw and handle dimensioning of prefabricated villas.

Category: Villas
Client: Stiftelsen Stora SköndalArchitect: Larsson Architects
Category: home for the elderly

Kv. Repslagaren, Solna
Client: HSB Architect: Brunnberg & Forshed Project management: Hydracon
Category: Housing

Siklöjevägen, Tyresö
Client: HSB Architect: Brunnberg & Forshed Project management: Hydracon
Category: Housing

Pistmaskingarage, Lindvallen
Building contractor: Skistar Client: Inside & Outside building consultants Architect: Inside & Outside building consultants/Matern Architectkontor
Category: Halls

Jordbromalm, Haninge
Client: Strömberg Distribution Fastighets AB Architect: Detab arkitekter
Category: Halls

Kv. Vätan
Building contractor: Temahus i Stockholm ABTotalentreprenör: Q-gruppenArchitect: UN-arkitekter
Category: Lofts

Client: Andersson Company Architect: Detab arkitekter
Category: Schools and pre-schools

Kv. Kålroten
Building contractor: Temahus i Stockholm ABEntreprenör: Q-gruppenArchitect: UN-arkitekter
Category: Lofts

Kv. Magasinet
Building contractor: Huge Bostäder Totalentreprenör: PEAB Architect: Sweco FFNS
Category: Housing

Kv. Kannan
Building contractor: Översta våningen ABArchitect: UN-arkitekter
Category: Lofts

Client: Stiftelsen Stora SköndalArchitect: Larsson Architects
Category: Home for the elderly

Mc Donald’s restaurants
We have participated in around 10 extension projects for Mc Donald’s together with Arkoo arkitekter.
Category: Hotels and restaurants

Altartorpet, Kungens kurva
Building contractor: D/A Production AB Main contractor: Q-gruppen Architect: Megaron Architects
Category: Industries

Jakobsbergs gymnasium, Järfälla
Client: Järfälla municipality Architect: Holm arkitekter AB / Tengbom Stockholm
Category: Schools and pre-schools

Client: Lidingö StadArchitect: Origo Architects
Category: Home for the elderly

St. Jude Medical, Veddesta
Client: St. Jude Medical (Pacetter) Architect: Lund & Valentin
Category: Industries

Client: Statens fastighetsverk (National Property Board), Architect: Ahlsénarkitekterna
Category: Laboratories

Futuraskolan, Lidingö
Client: Lidingö municipality, main contractor: VeidekkeArchitect: Bleck Architects
Category: Schools and pre-schools

Client: Kronans Droghandel ABArchitect: Grafit Architectkontor
Category: Industries

Villa Alnäs
Client: Private individual, Architect, Architect: UN-arkitekter
Category: Villas

Skepparholmen hotel and conference centre
Client: Skepparholmen, Architect: A1 Architects
Category: Hotels and restaurants

Långängsskolan, Danderyd
Client: Danderyd’s municipality Main contractor: Q-gruppen Architect: Dranger & Co
Category: Schools and pre-schools

Building contractor: Sisab Main contractor: SKANSKA Architect: FFNS / Bleck Architects
Category: Schools and pre-schools

Mälarsalen, Mûnchenbryggeriet
Client: Mälarsalen Architect: Kristian Lindgren
Category: Hotels and restaurants

Kv. Reykjavik, Kista
Client: Tele2 Architect: Lund & Valentin
Category: Offices
January 1, 2000