We are BTB

We love what we do and we believe that this shows in our work. Our strength lies in the skills and knowledge of the employees of our company.

About BTB

BTB is an expansive company, a consulting firm in the building sector. We now comprise just over 130 employees.

We have offices in Stockholm, Uppsala and Jönköping. We are centrally located in Stockholm; just a stone’s throw away from the Slussen underground station with a beautiful view of the city and quite close to Katarinahissen. Our office in Jönköping is in the eastern part of the city centre and in Uppsala we have recently relocated to new premises close to the travel centre in central Uppsala.

We have broad experience in a variety of project areas, including new construction and extensions.  Our projects comprise all phases of house building with focus on structural engineering , design of structures, building technology, foundation engineering as well as geo technology.

We attach great value to our staff and the skills they possess. We maintain constant focus on development and quality and continuously seek to identify areas of improvement and to draw benefit from the latest software in building technology and geo technology. We aim for our employees to feel a strong sense of participation and willingness to drive the company forward.

Visions and goals

BTB’s operations are characterised by continuous development. We focus on the latest technology and training, and we offer our staff development opportunities in which competence and strong customer relations play a central part.  Our aim is to conform to customers’ needs, build confidence and be the leading partner in building construction and geo technology.

Our dedicated employees are our most important resource and their knowledge and professionalism is what makes our customers return.


Stockholm: Erik Löb, tel: 010-161 10 17, mail: erik.lob@btb.se                         
Jönköping: Magnus Skoogh,  tel: 010-161 10 39, mail: magnus.skoogh@btb.se, Martin Reinholdsson, tel: 010-161 11 33, mail: martin.reinholdsson@btb.se
Uppsala: Ingemar Källebrink, tel: 010-161 10 25 , mail: ingemar.kallebrink@btb.se, Nils Widberg, tel: 010-161 10 77, mail: nils.widberg@btb.se
Göteborg: Martin Reinholdsson, tel: 010-161 11 33, mail: martin.reinholdsson@btb.se 
Geoteknik: Anders Westin, tel: 010-161 10 91, mail: anders.westin@btb.se
Stockholm/Uppsala/Jönköping: Maria Swedenrose, tel: 010-161 10 41, mail: maria.swedenrose@btb.se
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